Medal Controls are part of Medal Aircon Accessories Ltd and based in Shrewsbury in the UK. We are specialist suppliers of HVAC controls to the professional HVAC trade.

We are the UK representatives for Meitav-tec among other products.

We are specialists at providing control modifications to Panasonic heating and cooling systems from simple control interfaces to BMS and network solutions and iPhone or Android control. We offer a full range of different control options for all of Panasonics current range of products and have considerable experience working with their older products and also their older models and those produced by Sanyo, who are now a subsidiary company of Panasonic.

We offer a very flexible range of heating and air conditioning controllers suitable for all manner of applications.

Many of these controllers are universal models capable of being programmed simply and easily for different applications.

We have a full range of controllers suitable for OEM companies to build into their products. Our MIGA range in particular is designed to give a standard control PCB controlling an air conditioner, fan coil or heat pump with a variety of control interfaces for the user.

We have a variety of different control interfaces to link in with common BMS systems using BACnet or Modbus. In addition we have our own Maxinet control network. This is a very competitively priced and simple to use mini BMS allowing a network of HVAC systems to be controlled together from a PC

From a simple electronic thermostat to OEM control systems we are experts in heating and cooling controls. We also have options for humidity control and passive Infra Red.

Our basic range of controls is split into two different ranges. Our mains Voltage range is suitable for European style products switching 230V signals to control a HVAC system which should be wired by a qualified electrician. Our low Voltage ranges however use safer 24V control signals and are suitable for USA style products and these are popular with DIY projects due to their enhanced safety.

Based in Shrewsbury in the UK we also work with a network of distributors throughout the UK. We also work with OEMs and importers.

A more recent expansion to our business has been to offer our workshop facilities to give an upgrade facility to existing units. Typically we receive a HVAC system with controls that have failed or require upgrading and retrofit a new control system. We also take air conditioners or heat pumps into our workshops that are designed to work with manufacturers specific outdoor units and fit upgraded controls to allow them to work with generic ones. We work with one major importer regularly to modify their indoor units to work with water cooled outdoor units, expanding the range of products that they can supply.

Another recent development for us is an expansion into heating controls for use with Air to Water or Water to Water heat pumps. We have a range of very powerful RF wireless models with simple time clocks suitable for night or day setback that are perfect for use with these innovative products, including the very popular iT500 internet controller. This gives complete control of your heating system from anywhere in the world using a PC, tablet or smartphone.